Being a part as a refugee

Whom do we describe as a „refugee“?

Every migrant is a refugee who needs support in the restart of her/his life in Rostock. The support can be the handling with the official authorities, the organisation of a Kindergarten placement oder support for the start in a new job – the range of help is very wide.

The time frame depends on the kind of sponsorship. An educational sponsorship needs more time than one meeting with an official authority.

The selection of refugees

We are looking for possible participants within our intern network of the Rostocker Stadtmission (centralized and decentralized acommodated refugees) and within the cooperation of partners (the Rostocker Tafel, other sponsorship programmes etc.).

In the first step the refugee gets a questionnaire which describes its interests and wishes regarding the sponsorship. We want to implement sponsorships with people who fit together. We hope to achieve that goal with this questionnaire. After you filled out the forms we are going to invite you for a personal interview. After this interview we want to look for your right mentor. If we are succesful we organise a first meeting between you two or your family and his/her family. At this point of time both of you have the possibility to cancel the whole sponsorship. If you two want to stay in touch you can get on probation for three months to try out the sponsorship (if the sponsorship is a long term form). During the probation and after the sponsorship too we provide different instruments for your personal support. Please read more about it it Support of mentors & refugees.

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