AT HOME IN ROSTOCK (english version)

Welcome on the website of our refugee project „AT HOME IN ROSTOCK“.

We are glad that you find the way to us!

The following text tells you more about the refugee project „AT HOME IN ROSTOCK“ and your opportunities to be an active part of it. On the following pages you can read more about the important information of the project and the possibilities of support which we provide for our participants.

We are looking forward for a cooperation with you!

Our refugee project „AT HOME IN ROSTOCK“

Our refugee project coordinates, connects people and supports sponsorships between people from Rostock and refugees from abroad who need personal support for their restart in Rostock. A mentor can be a person, a group oder a company. The kind of sponsorship could be in the field of:

  • education (learning german, pupils aid etc-)
  • families (family life in Germany, daily trips etc.)
  • work (internship, education (Ausbildung), jobs etc.)
  • official authorities (Jobcenter, office for social affaires etc.)
  • services (craftmen etc.)
  • freetime (sports, cultural events, hobbies etc.)

The support in the refugee project is a wide field:

  • a daily trip to the zoo
  • being a part in single activities (open-door day, summer parties etc.)
  • join refugees to the official authorities
  • being a part in a long term sponsorship

You are interested in a sponsorship? Please read more about it on the following page Becoming a mentor.

You want to know more about the role of a refugee? Please read more about it on the following page Being a part as a refugee.

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